Name Bartholomew Corsair
Age 55 (At time of death)
Race Human
Class Pirate Captain
Relatives Charlotte Corsair (daughter)
Associations The Corsair Pirates


Captain Black Bart Corsair

Captain Black Bart Corsair

Captain Black Bart Corsair ruled over the Spiral Sea as captain of the Corsair Pirates. He built a criminal empire out of nothing, after he won his ship, The Revenge, in a game of Three Dragon Ante. He loved adventure and was always looking for adventure. He became a mentor of sorts to Jaken Valbern, when he first joined the criminal underground. But it was Jaken that also eventually took his life. The two had fallen out after a mission searching for the mysterious Ezra Shard, where Bart had become so consumed with finding the artifact that he had actually killed innocent children looking for it. Jaken left the Corsair Pirates after that, and eventually found work with Minharath de'ovure. After that, Black Bart changed. He became obsessed with finding the shard. One day, Black Bart raided the wrong ship looking for the it, one belonging to Minharath. In response, Minharath sent Jaken to find and kill Bart. Jaken found Black Bart in Goldshore Beach, where he killed his old friend. Black Bart dearly loved his daughter Charlotte, who has since taken over for him as Captain of the Corsair Pirates.
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